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Android User Interface Designer

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Android User Interface Designer is a simple VB Program to create XML layout file for Android. I Created this tools to help myself to do layouting on Android. Because, Using VB is simple to me, than I create this tools with VB, not with Java Language.
This tools come with GUI / Form designer, and support textbox, textview/label, and button Control, and support some android property, not all the property. So it is a simple one. You can drag the control, place at any, and Generate the xml file for this layout. Maybe just a simple generation, but, I'm sure it will help you very much, with simple one. You can modify the layout file for any other properties you want.I have registered the software to SourceForge site, and you can download it freely. And you can modify the source code, because i have attached the source code too.

Ok, Just enjoy the tools, and trying the harderst you can do to win the Android Developer Chalenge, Hope One of Us will win the Chalenge.

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