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Step By Step Implementation

When you want to do opening new screen on Android, there are few step to do that.
a. Create Layout Resource for the new screen.
b. Create a new class and extends to Activity Class or ListActivity Class, or whatever activity class you want to extends
c. Update AndroidManifest.xml to include this new class
d. Locate a point at first class to include codes to open the new screen.
e. Compile and run the Program.

Below is description of each step.

a. Create Layout Resource for the new screen

You can use any other program to design the Layout, or just to generate xml layout file. One of them, the simple one, is Android User Interface designer. Using this tools, you just drag the component you add and generate the xml file. After all, just copy the xml file to /res/ directory on your android program.

Or you can just edit manualy on IDE you use to develop the android 

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