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Contact Database Application

This Code is a database manipulation program. It use SQLite database, a database default installed in Android. It contains a simple data management, a contact database. but you will learn much from this code. You can download the code to make your study easier. 

SQLite (www.sqlite.org) SQLite is a software library that implements a self-containedserverlesszero-configurationtransactionalSQL database engine. It is used in Computer Desktop, Consumer Electronic devices like cellphones, PDA, And MP3 Player. And Android use this Database engine as default. 

Another database Engine you can use is for example db4object (http://www.db4o.com ), mcobject (http://www.mcobject.com/android/), and others. Each promote that each have a good performance on android. for us, the user, is a choices to try.
But, in this example, i use SQLite, for simplicity and not install any other database engine. You, the reader, are free to use any other database engine you like.

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